Hue activities

Main Festivals in Hue

Hue Festivals: Every two years (running on even years) in April, Hue is host to an intercultural exchange between Vietnam and many different countries from around the world. The local government in Hue collaborates with foreign embassies in Vietnam to bring together numerous artists to perform traditional and contemporary art performances at more than 40 venues throughout the city. Each festival centers around a distinctive theme. The theme for 2014 was “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development”. A wide variety of activities are conducted in this special event, such as calligraphy, traditional kite flying, human chess playing, installation art, street music and fine art, workshops, international trade fairs, tourism fairs, children's festivals with colorful activities aimed at disadvantaged children, sporting activities, dining and sightseeing tours. Also, re-creations of historical events are carried out, such as the occasion of Nguyen Hue’s enthronement and Nguyen Dynasty’s Doctoral examinations, and performances of dance and fireworks are included. The Truong Tien Bridge is lit up with candles and visited by thousands of locals and tourists.

Wrestling Competitions and Exhibitions: Nowhere in Hue is more famous for wrestling than Sinh Village. This style of wrestling is akin to Mongolian wrestling and is based on winning points rather than incapacitating the opponent. The Sinh Wrestling Festival is organized annually on the 10th of January based on the lunar calendar.

Fishermen's offering: Surprisingly, this activity is performed on land rather than at sea and is centered on the ritual of offering large fish to the founder of the village who will then bestow on the givers a plentiful healthy catch in the year to come. Adults and children disguise themselves into fish, prawns and crabs, while the rest of the locals at the festival throw candy or cake for the disguised sea creatures to catch in their nets. Traditional music is played throughout.

Religious Ceremonies: Numerous religious ceremonies of various types are celebrated at different locations throughout the year. One such example is at the Hon Chen Temple where followers congregate to celebrate their ancestors. They create amazing everyday objects from paper or paper mache, such as boots, bicycles, motorbikes, clothes and ritually burn these items in the belief that they are transported into the next world for their ancestors’ use.