The Hub Beer Lounge & Restaurant

THE HUB- THE SPOT OF GOURMET, RELAXATION AND ENTERTAINMENT. Location: at a spacious garden in the opening space of Imperial Hotel, right in the corner of the two main streets - Hung Vuong and Tran Cao Van Str., is the most animated and entertaining areas of Hue city. The Hub Restaurant, the outside area of the hotel, opens from 16:00 with its high-standard investment by wooden-made materials, tiled roof. The Hub Restaurant is the ideal place for birthday parties, get-together, and tourists coming to Hue can experience the activities and daily life of local people passed by while enjoying Hue meal and other wonderful meals from traditional to high-class one together with many kinds of Beer, cocktail, wine and all is served by the 5-star Imperial hotel’s professional staff at 3-star price, with local beer only 16,000 vnd/can, Budweiser 30.000vnd/bottle, Japanese salad 75.000vnd/dish, fried chicken wings 115,000vnd/plate, grilled lamb 145,000 vnd/stick…
Besides, from 20:00 daily, The Hub Beer lounge, the inside area of the hotel, with the performance of the famous DJs from HCM, Hanoi combined with up-to-date sound and light system, The Hub Beer Lounge will ensure to bring you wonderful moments of relaxation with your friends and family.

At the Hub Beer Lounge & Restaurant, not only do you enjoy delicious dishes in a luxuriously culinary space but also experience lively and bustling moments of Beer Lounge by night.