Royal Dining Restaurant

Decorated in the Royal style, The Royal Dining room will surprise you with its authentic cuisines of Hue’s royalty.

Just imagine that you are the King, beside you is the Queen accompanied by Mandarins, all wearing traditional royal clothes. All the food served is royal dishes symbolizing the dragon, phoenix, or peacock. Table is decorated by Hue’s colorful silk and flowers, Large candle lights, colorful lantern with dragon pattern and spotlights … All meticulously prepared to the finest details for a sumptuous dinner that fits for royalty.

There are some important protocols to observe during the dinner. Before the first drink for the King’s health, there is a short speech made by the servant chief. Everyone has to say ‘’van tue‘’ (10 thousand year) to wish the King a long life. The best Hue royal court music and dance will be performed by artists from Hue monument conservatory center. Nothing is better than enjoying delicious banquet while listening to melodious music and having a feeling of being a King. That’s why Royal dinner is a must for those who come to Hue.

Ceremony and Service:

The Royal Costume 
The welcome ceremony 
The Hue Imperial court Music 
The Royal dishes

Location: 1st Floor; capacity: 250 seats, Operation time: upon request