Facial Care

Royal Spa takes care your skin with 100% natural plants extracts.

Enchantment 60min

This energizing treatment is specifically designed to nurture sensitive skin types and combat matters relating to sensitive skin such as clogged pores. Soothing, nourishing, and calming, it renders skin healthy and smooth.

Skin Refreshment 60min

This dramatic mask with high purity will clean skin, supplement moisture and nutrients for dry skin, which delivers smooth and radiant skin.

Balancing 60min

Recover a balanced, hydrated complexion. Treatment options is normalize T-zone while counteracting will help you reveal a healthy, even appearance.

Revitalizing 60min

If your skin is prone to sporadic acne or frequent breakouts, it requires special care and attention to restore its health and attractiveness. This unites a natural enzyme and oat to deliver a deep exfoliation that unclogs pores and retards bacterial growth while preventing infection.

Brightening 60min                                                                                    

This powerful facial with sugarcane extract is designed to provide innovative anti-aging brightening and rejuvenating. The treatment stimulates collagen and restores skin tone, luminosity and clarity. Suitable for all skin types and recommended for those wanting to improve skin tone and pigmentation.

Caviar Bliss 60min

The most advanced defense against aging. This opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure Extract. Deeply repair and replenishes, smooth wrinkles, strengthens elasticity, provides immediate radiance.

Eye Wrinkle 30min

Premature aging, sun exposure and environmental elements can strip your delicate eye area of its youthfulness, radiance and smoothes away crepiness and wrinkles, while tightening your eye contour for youthful, vibrant eyes.

Royal Facial  60min

Revitalizing and nourishing skin with natural elements such as lemon water, honey, oats and yogurt.