Body Care

Our therapies combine traditional Asian and European techniques to restore balance and harmony.

Back, Head & Shoulder 45min

Both therapies are designed to sooth your tired muscles and using a combination of organic essential oils.

Vietnamese Balancing 60min

This treatment incorporates techniques of long flowing movements with warmed suction cups, which will not leave red spots in skin. It is well-known for their ability to release muscular tension and promote the circulation of the body’s life force.

Swedish Harmony 60min

Designed to stimulate meridian harmony, this unique mind, body and soul experience combines the therapeutic elements of long flowing movements and various relaxation techniques to induce a deep sense of calm.

Relaxation  75min

Designed to achieve harmony with the five elements of the universe. Gentle massage that relieves tension caused by everyday stress. Our custom-blend elemental aromatherapy oils are used to calm the mind, heal the body and free the spirit.

Aromatherapy   90min

Through the application of Swedish techniques together with a therapeutic dose of essential oils and point pressure techniques this treatment will put you in a deep state of relaxation and balance your harmony.

Hot Stone Therapy      90min

Inherited from ancient Chinese techniques the use of hot stones in this treatment will instill a deep level of warmness while relaxing muscles, removing tension and releasing stress.

Traditional Thai      90min

Helps to release tension, improve circulation. Gentle stretching and manipulation techniques are applied to the body’s pressure points to attain total balance and harmony.